A family run business that guarantees you can rest easy knowing your IT systems and websites work while you sleep.

About PureSec ICT

PureSec ICT is a family owned and operated company based in both Canberra and Perth.  With over 50 combined years of experience in the industry, we have a long history of providing software development services to both private companies and government agencies in Australia, South Africa and the UK.  

We specialise in creating functional and attractive professional websites and social media profiles.  Our team of designers, developers, analysts and project managers work with you to deliver an outstanding product with exceptional service.  

Each staff member has their own personal skill set bringing strength and diversity to our brand. We pride ourselves on the stringent standards of our processes and procedures – they are embedded into everything we do to ensure that nothing is missed - our attention to detail is second to none. 

PureSec ICT Values

From management and operations to technical issues, we work closely together to provide a cohesive approach and an outstanding level of care for every client.  We value all our customers and understand that what is important to you, is important to us.  We provide a custom service for you and your projects, whether it be a first website, a digital solution for a small business or a large-scale web application, servicing the ongoing requirements of corporate and government clients.  

PureSec ICT places great importance on creating holistic and sustainable solutions for your company by bringing a highly skilled, professional team to your project.  Our primary aim is to realise your vision and create an aesthetically “on point” digital solution.   We are passionate about generating outcomes that not only reflect your companys branding but also have the edge to stand out in today’s competitive landscape.  

At PureSec ICT we pride ourselves on providing high qualityaffordable and robust digital solutions for fast paced and ever-changing world.  We are constantly evolving, with new technology and new developments in our own business.   Our range of high quality, digital solutions will support youchanging requirements, ensuring our products will grow with you into the future. Our focus is to provide you with a positive return on your investment.  

We love to share in the passion you have for your business and always look forward to finding the best way to help you turn your vision into a reality.

The PureSec ICT Method

By using technology to our advantage, we have created a system that enables us to work with your team, no matter where in the world you are.  We are perfectly set-up to provide exceptional service remotely and can ensure that you will always feel connected to our team.   

We provide secure, open communication platforms that are simple to use and allow you to feel very much, a part of the process.  By doing this, you can access information and respond to us at a time of day that suits you. We frequently post updates and changes that allow you to dictate how involved in the process you would like to be.  For those times where a face to face meeting or workshop is essential, we will gladly pay you a visit.  

Our extensive local and international experience makes us the perfect choice to steer you toward success by instilling a professional image and bringing a range of modern capabilities to your users.

Products by PureSec ICT

Our unique range of products have been created out of years of developing and operating in the digital environment. Utilising our products, we create a digital solution moulded to you and your business model.  Ask us about our signature products – PureSec Digital Business Solutions, SmartSuite Modules, PureSec Website Solutions and SmartECore