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Digital Business Solutions

Complete and customised packages that keep your business humming.

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Digital Business Solutions

We provide a range of solutions to keep your internal business processes humming whilst ensuring you have the capacity and capability to effectively manage your customers.

From email, VOIP and messaging, through to customer and sales tracking, project boards and management tools, PureSec ICT has a vast experience in setting up small business systems. We can advise and guide you, setup and train you to use your systems so that you will wonder how you ever managed without them.


Email accounts for service accounts & individuals.  

From hosting, setup and configuration, we provide you with an easy to use control panel so you can manage your organisation's email accounts.

VOIP - Voice Calls Over IP

Business management systems to maximise team collaboration and ellevate your business.  We handle the setup, configuration, training and integration with your other business systems.

Instant Messaging

Quality, Internal Business Communication Systems.  Easily integrated and secure options to keep everyone connected and keep business flowing. Set-up, configuration, training and integration provided.


Convert enquires into customers and quotes into sales, by providing a gateway for customers to purchase your products or services online.  Compete with the best, by incorporating eCommerce into your business.

Project Management Tools

Time and task management is vital to the success of your business and is essential for project managers.    Keep track of tasks, delegations and deadlines, utilise our our suite of Project Management Tools.

Ticketing Systems

Every business benefits from an automated front door - capture initial enquiries, process orders or solve customer questions and issues.  Ensure you benefit from every opportunity to support your clients.